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Posted: July 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This upcoming post may or may not piss some people off.  will be honest and say the only reason I am dong this post is because I am confused a bit and I guess in a need to clear my head or the question I will post it here. I will probably start off with some quotes and then go into my thoughts. I did a post like this recently here if you want to check it out. After seeing a few videos recently and a couple of conversations I thought about sharing my confusion.

Let me” start off my saying I Love woman but at times ya’ll can be a confusing bunch of people. like some of these quotes should help you see my confusion.

“Feminists want equality without accountability. This translates into special rights for woman.”

“They blame men for “Rape Culture”.. yet manipulate men with their body”

“They denounce “Male Privilege..”  yet benefit from male sacrifice.”

“They demand equal pay, yet refuse equal work.”

“They expect men to pay for dates, yet claim to be “strong & independent” ”

“They demand equal treatment… yet exploit Affirmative Action.”

“They shame male sexuality… yet excuse female immorality.”

“They condemn players yet praise sluts”

Now I have seen many members of the media who say that even woman sex offenders are “pushed” by a man to do it.  Woman are cruel, they will take jobs around the people they abuse….. IDk maybe I’ll finish the thought.

  1. teasbook says:

    It’s not just women, it’s society. Sick, cruel, and confusing. Think about this: RACISM This is the biggest controversy of all. I do not want to offend anyone but if you think about it, most people who claim racism on someone, they are the racists themselves! Example: A young african american walks into a store and is being watched by the clerk. He may call the clerk out on racism but maybe it’s just because he looks suspicious, not because of his color.
    I do agree that women will bring on the problems themselves, being a woman I know! 😉 lol
    But you should do a post on society itself! Give the world your wonderful advice. We all could use a good wake up call! 🙂 Thanks for the share and sorry about the short book. hehehehe

    • Advisor says:

      No i agree with you all the way. I think this was a draft from a few months back and i was looking at videos on youtube about society and woman. RACISM reverse racism and the like is rampant in this society even if we don’t want to believe it. I will do a post on society and try to make sure to flesh it out as bests I can. I have so many ideas. No i like the comment, it was well thought out and did offer me some insight on my next post. Thank you 😀

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