Posted: July 7, 2013 in Real Ish
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We live in a society of RACISM AND CLASSICISM.

I bet you any amount of money you guys fall into the line of people  who think we as a world already solved these problems way back in the day. These issues are still going on right now. Now if you have a hard problem believing this let me define what these terms mean:

Racism – a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Classicism – prejudice or discrimination based on class

I want to tackle racism because it happens on some lower levels. I have watched black woman hate on black men because they are with white woman and for whatever reason its wrong but at the same time they can be with a white man and justify it. They call the white woman all out of their name and everything. Its like what happened to love and being in love?

The next one is just in stores, the overall idea is that any black man or Spanish man with a hoodie or baggy jeans that come into a store is going to steal when they could just be comfortable wearing those clothes and be a fortune 500 CEO. The owner will follow them through a store, talk to them a bunch of times, watch them on the camera and just make them feel uncomfortable. The classic still happens where a man of non Caucasian decent steps into an elevator, walks behind them down the street, steps on to steps and the woman clutches her purse and instantly becomes tight in her demeanor. Now if this was any an every man, it would be different and understandable about safety, that doesn’t happen. When our president was elected there were a lot of “closet” racist who suddenly came out the closet and felt comfortable being racist and open about it in a public forum. These people talk on tv and in news freely the conversations that they sure had at home in their closed party or circle of friends. These people feel comfortable yelling and talking over the president on TV, in congress, and at rally’s. This same behavior they have never exhibited to any other sitting president. There is something interesting though it isn’t just between the races anymore, now its inside the races as well. There are black who hate on other black and put them down because they are darker and treat them lower because of it. The same can be said about many other races that because of a skin tone, facial feature, or something similar they are cast out. It is a shame and deplorable really. I am not here to pass judgement on anyone more like trying to alert you to whats going on in society.

Classicism is still running rampant in most countries around the world. If you are not born into a certain level of wealth no matter if you attained it in your lifetime you are still looked down upon. In places like India if you were a server there and came to America and became a diplomat if you mt someone from home who knew better or you have a certain last name you are still considered a lower class level. Class is very important for Americans as most of the things e do in our society is based on who you know and what you know. For example most jobs you get in the US are based on your connections and if your connections are on the bottom rungs of society then guess what that’s where  you’ll stay. This activity was a bit different in the late 1800’s early 1900’s as we had something called white & black flight. The original flight was white flight and this was when affluent white neighborhoods started to see black reach that level and they moved in just for a better atmosphere for their family and white families took off for other neighborhoods. These same black families that experienced white flight saw other blacks reach their level and they may have been a bit rough around the edges but this bought about black flight where they inturn did what the white people did and flew to better neighborhoods.  In the time now it still exists. We have people who achieve a certain level of success and they feel that now they can look down on people lower than them and treat them as such. Almost like they forgot they were just there and they are a paycheck or three from being in the same position. It even happens in academia, I remember trying to add an additional class to my course load and it was the first semester of a hiphop course and as I go in to speak to the head of the social programs department a black Afrocentric woman sees me a black guy baggy jeans, hoodie, and headphones and she tells me “this class is not about listening to music!” I had to laugh  to myself because little did she know the required class books which there were three different books I had already read for fun and information purpose 3 years earlier, my ipod was full of Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and many other classic music very little hiphop and I didn’t need the class for any credit. I usually took a single class every semester that was out of my major that i would enjoy  just for a break.  She had no idea about the class because when she entered it for a sit in later in the semester as it was the first time the class was taken she was surprised by how well the class was taught. Same school another thing happened to me, I had a tendency of carrying books like Nostradamus,  the Art of war, 48 laws of power, and books like that and that messes with people as I would be in an elevator and they take a double take like I’m not supposed to know about these books or something. The reason is people who dress like me look/are lower class and the information in these books are from the upper class and now for people like me. Im sorry but i read everything always have, I’m the kid who took the language arts book in 2nd grade home so I could read all the stories in a week, I’m the kid who rushed out of jr high to get to the big library so I could have more time there and still took a book bag full of books home at night. That is interesting.

This is how our society is and broke down into. We live, learn, love and build strong like champions at least i hope we will. Stay sharp people.


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