Funny thing About people …. Double Standard Edition

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Dating, Love, Real Ish, Relationship
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The one thing I have learned about people is that double standards are easy. The other easy thing is twisting details just enough so they don’t look as bad as they really are in the right light. Let me give you an example, when taking a test with True or False answers the key to how they get you is that all the questions are true, then they twist one word to make it false. An example of how this happens is “The sky is always blue except at night, true or false?” Upon first reading this question you would say true but there are some things that make it false always and night. Those two words are important but no the most important word, the word that changes the whole question is except… LOOOOONNNNNNGGG winded explanation right?

OK let me get to my point, Men and Woman operate on double standards all the time. For example woman want a man to “slay a dragon” for them but for men you can’t get her to make a sandwich before she think you turning her into a slave. More woman want to be approached by men, but upon approach they are instantly critical. An example of this was one day I was in downtown Manhattan people watching at the degree I was sitting at I saw a guy pull up in Bentley Coup, he walked around the corner to the starbucks in just sweats and a t-shirt. He came out and spotted a lovely looking woman who was dressed smartly in her bests skirt suit outfit and she didn’t politely turn him down and rebuff his polite advance which would have been well within her right. She yelled a the top of her lungs “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BUM, EWWW………….” She tried to make him look bad and draw attention to herself while doing it her energy said “How dare you talk to me, You don’t have enough stamps in your passport.” To me thats overkill because she wanted to be approached as she had been strolling up an down the Ave for about 20 mins with a seduction to her hips. The guy smiled politely looked in my direction shook his head and walked back to his car, dropped the top and slowly pulled around the corner. Her eyes made contact with that car and she felt bad.

I tell you this story because you basically have to have a resume of your lie attached to your head to approach a woman but s a man we are “required” to accept a woman “as is” why the double standard??

See most woman don’t want to motivate a guy towards potential, a goal, etc. they want to come in and ride to coattails to their own goals. Let a man do something similar and he is a bum. Let him just want to be told he’s amazing and he can do anything and he is asking for to much. I made a post before about the things people need. I hope woman understand its HUMAN not just them. Now I know reading this you may wonder why I am targeting them, because men have to approach woman and what lion have you seen chase a zebra through an entire jungle?

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