Witness Greatness

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Emotional health
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title Peter Weir Witness DVD Review

I have a post I have been writing on for a few moments maybe I will get to finishing it and posting it. This post is a really cry. I want really want you guys to be great, inspirational, awesome, unique, beautiful, strange, daring, amazing, and most importantly yourself. See the gift to these things is being yourself to achieve them. I want you to take a moment and WITNESS the greatness inside yourself. A lot of the time we look in the mirror just to get ready to go somewhere we don’t look in an effort to see who we are, to see where we have come from, and to see the battle scars. The truth is we are afraid of the battle scars that exist. We are afraid to see ourselves in the bad shape. One day this week look in the mirror, look in the mirror for a long time, see your eyes, look deep into them. See your past, your current. Your eyes will tell all truths.

The truth is we are all afraid of looking into the eye of the person looking back at us. We are afraid of what our future self is telling. The message that is being sent is something we are trying to not pay too much attention to because in the end, we don’t want to hear the noise. You know how it is most of us don’t want the “labor pains just the baby”. Change and becoming better is a laboring process, it is one that starts with the  fact of recognizing change needs to happen, then narrowing down what needs to be changed, admitting, and then starting the process for change.

The process for change is a lot like grieving. there are steps that need to happen. You have to question if you’re willing to follow those steps and build up. If you are witness your greatness, witness your change, witness your build up. Greatness is always recognized, the realized and sometimes not in that order.

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