Posted: January 24, 2014 in I love you, Life
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I was thinking during a conversation the other day with a friend of mine, teamwork and partnership and not what I was taught and had always known them. especially when in a relationship or a marriage those terms are not even close to what I always knew as the definition. I’ve had woman tell me straight up that “I’m not taking care of no man……..” mind  you I started my thoughts as such “If I paid for you to go to school, paid all the bills and supported you through school, would you in turn do it for me??” and that previous line is what I got. So where is the partnership????? Maybe I missed something, maybe partnership is now, I make all the money, pay all the bills, put money in the joint accounts, pay a household staff, manage this staff, and if i want to go back to school I need to make more, and also find the time to do it, and she just spends and be a “companion.”  Thats partnership in these days I guess.  I w as under the understanding that partnership was both people making sacrifices and trying to build empires together, there might be a few things out of order, but we worked to fix them, and that’s partnership. Partnership is doing whats best for the union. I am re-thinking my concept, I’m fucking wrong. I admit to being wrong

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