Future VS Fun Times

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Love, Loyalty, Married, Relationship
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You have to ask yourself what kind of person are you? This love  game is something serious. Men and woman are kind of the same when it comes to what they are looking for and what they expect at least initially. When looking for a future mate we are looking for someone we can deal with, spend time with, build with, have happiness, and success. We live in a society especially in America where everything is immediate and available. We speak a lot of time about the casual thing where we either have many different partners of the option for many partners, I don’t believe to many people really operate like that. This is not to say that people don’t want a small fling or a threesome etc, this is to say to have many partners all the time is not how it seems humans really work.

From some of the research I have done the people who really want the “open” & “casual” type marriage or relationship have been abused and really don;t want to get close to anyone emotionally period and really fear it. I am not saying it is everyone but i had a sample size i tested it the numbers were 4-1 easy. So this leads me back to my point which is what kind of person are you? Are you a future person or a fun times person?

A future person is a person that someone can bring home to meet the family, able to carry a good conversation past the current  evens, have stimulating conversation, and be willing to go out of your comfort zone. A fun times person is a person being sneaked in the house after curfew, never meet the parents, only get called for sex or to go out to a place with pictures on the menu. This is one of those moments where you really have to be honest. I am sure you will read both and say you’re both but you don’t see a problem being the fun times person, which there isn’t a problem with that, but you can’t expect a future person to see value in you past the  fun times as well as the fun times person seeing value in you past the same fun times.

The future people want a future person in their life, someone who is loyal and not having a jumping phone that is populated with their “side/boo thang” texts/sexts and the like, how do you expect someone to feel comfortable when you getting calls and texts all night and day? there is no reason if you are a true future person that you have that going on and yes a guy can ask to drop a person and not talk to them and you will find every reason to not d it from he/she is  like family, my best, etc. Another thing future people are usually so consumed with their future they arn’t sitting around saying “I’m bored” like they waiting for someone else to entertain them, these people are more consumed with making sure their future is going the direction they want. Maybe I am speaking out the side of my head but i venture to say I’m not just think about it, don’t take it personal.

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