Posted: February 15, 2014 in Health
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Want to help clear your chakra and get everything back in line? Check out the chart

Number Name Color Where its located
7 The Base/ Root Chakra Red Ovaries/prostate
6 The sacral chakra Orange Last bone in spinal cord
5 The solar Plexus chakra Yellow Naval area
4 Heart chakra Green Heart Area
3 The throat Chakra Blue Throat/neck area
2 Third eye Chakra Indigo Brow/Third eye
1 The crown Chakra Violet/white Top of head


7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Survival Feeling Personal Power Relationship Communication Intuition Knowingness
Vitality Emotions Will Love Wisdom Invention Wisdom
Reality Intimacy Knowledge Acceptance Speech Psychic Ability Inspiration
Grounding Procreation Wit Self-Control Trust Self-Realization Charisma
Security Polarity Laughter Compassion Creative Expression Perception Awareness
Support Sensuality Mental Clarity Guilt Planning Release Higher Self
Stability Confidence Humor Forgiveness Spatial Understanding Meditation
Sexuality Sociability Optimism Harmony Organization Memory Self Sacrificing
Individuality Freedom Self Control Peace Caution Fearlessness Visionary
Courage Movement Curiosity Renewal      
Impulsiveness   Awareness Growth      
Passions Emotions Purpose Balance Expansion Imagination Bliss
  Desires Sunshine Love Healing Intuition Spirituality

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