Learning about Love

Posted: February 18, 2014 in I love you, Love
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There comes a time in a man’s life when he realizes he is dedicating too much time to the love of his life. He has put her and her needs ahead of his own. While I don’t believe it is a mistake by any means, I do believe it is an imbalance especially if she is unwilling to do the same for him. I feel the same if the inverse is true (so ladies chill). I have had an experience recently that shed light on this, and made me see that the subject is worth thinking on. It is not worth it to invest so much of yourself and so much time into another person if they can’t be bothered to do the same for you in return. I know I am not doing it to get things back in return, but I am hoping that as we are sharing similar feelings something like the same can be returned. As we all know the social norm is that a relationship is 50/50 but the truth is usually it is more like 60/40 or 80/20. This could be as simple as the man not doing anything for her but she does everything for him. Her dedicating her life to him and getting nothing in return and that is a crappy balance in my humble opinion.

Hey guys just because you put food on the table that does not equal a healthy balance in the relationship department. Sometimes we have to go the extra mile; it is a need for balance for a relationship to survive. I guess this is why so many people go for open relationships because they have a need to have more from other people since their significant other can’t/won’t deliver. The other possibility is there is a cup that really doesn’t have a bottom so there is no way their significant other can fill it or any other person really so they keep tossing people and things in the hole. That’s the interesting thing, we dedicate so much of ourselves to a person we love and it turns out to be a dam joke. NO love isn’t a joke but the dance we have with it and around it is so comical. Love is the exchange of a connection spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical this connection is strengthened and weakened by the bonds of people who really care for one another. I was taught by a very wise man in my life when I was young that “Love means to share with, to care for, and protect” when you care for someone you are willing to do whatever you can for them, you are willing to protect them, and willing to share with them. Growing up you don’t really understand what love is and how it affects you. I remember there is this movie call The Brothers which stars Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley, Bill Bellamy, and Shemar Moore, and there is this scene where Morris’s girlfriend shares a belief that if a man is in love with you he will share his last with you. She asks him if he will eat the last chicken wing and he does, later in the movie she said “there isn’t any more cake,” and he turns and offers his last piece and she knew. Love isn’t what he say and how we say it, it is not just what we make it but also how we make it, how we express it and how we show it to those we claim to love and that are important to us by our own definition.

When we speak about our love some of us say love so freely we don’t even understand that while love is free the weight attached to it isn’t, the power we are giving to that person isn’t, and there are so many people out there looking to take advantage of that. So I leave you with the thought, are you in love and do you know what it really is?

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