Coitus Interruptus

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Married, Seductions
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Sexual intercourse deliberately interrupted by withdrawal of the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation.

I honestly had never heard this term before I watched The Tudors and in the second season King Henry and Anne Boleyn did this because she wanted to keep the fire hot and keep her control of him. The key to who Anne was  is here, she learned how to engage men, keep them wanting, and be seductive she learned this in France. While Henry was in the process of getting his divorce she didn’t want to get pregnant as it was frowned upon. She also wanted to keep the fact she wasn’t a virgin anymore a secret.

You can experience this in your own relationship as well. They say it will help keep things interesting and extend sexual pleasure for both parties it s used alot on tantric love making as well. Its interesting the things you learn just by reading or experiencing life.  There are many guys who use this technique in their own lives daily. It is a slow build up as they call it.  For some men they experience mini orgasms all day by getting close and not going all the way through, this process is called edging. Any place you read online that talks about males and masturbation I am sure you can find a post, story, technique, etc on the subject. The only problem is that the rest of them take place with ones self. What we are talking about happens with another partner and can be deadly to a mans pride an self esteem for the special guy it may do but for a woman it can give her control an rush.

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