No one wants to give up on love, it is a hard thing to deal with honestly. I know personally I find myself trying to so hard to hold on. It is important to know what you are fighting for and who as well as if that person is fighting for you and finds that you are indeed worth it. Love is hard, you will find yourself making so many sacrifices that your head will spin. Sacrifices are one of the things we all find in life we have to make to make the entire situation work. Love is a complex emotion, it can sometimes push you to the bring of obsession and other times put you in a head space where nothing even matters. A few of my friends can contest to this as one i know for sure made his whole set of 3 years all about a girl and when she got tired and moved on it left him with little to no meaning for his time or day. Funny thing is men do that, no matter how busy we are we make our whole entire universe about a woman because we feel we need to do that, and they don’t do anything to tell us we don’t, funny thing how emotions are and life is all  in one shot. Giving up is not something that we should subscribe to, now I am not the person who should be speaking on another persons subscriptions as i have my own I am deeply indebted to, I just feel like giving up is a sign of weakness that I can’t tolerate or subscribe to as I chase forever.

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