Posted: October 16, 2015 in Married, Sex
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I caution you this post is not a condemnation, I am still researching so its incomplete, just what  have so far I decided to share. I am still a person very much trying to understand….


There are a growing population of people in the world who are starting believe in polygamy especially in the United States. I am sure it has always happened in smaller sections of the country but now it is more widespread and in mainstream. We have tv shows that coined the term “Sister wives” and other people who have tied the ability to have multiple to religion. Most o the argument for is that this is the natural course of action for us as a population. I have a different take on it and I want to present it in a non judgmental way (hopefully) also in a way where I offer clarity and perspective. I am not here to judge and I don’t want it to appear I  have all the answers because I don’t, I am still learning and researching as much as the next person.

My first introduction to polygamy was talking a friend who is from Africa and them sharing that it happened in their culture and there was a reason for it, some of these woman went to war and were left husband-less, sometimes fatherless, and sense in that country the men take care of the woman they were often left destitute. Hearing this and understanding thee sacrifice the men of the country made then to make it makes since that some men would have to take on more wives, i mean even if it was a brother’s wife and he died it’s still family and you are looking out for them. I can understand that and get behind that notion. Now I am unsure and it was never discussed if they had relations of kids with their brothers wives but at least the other woman in the country who were taken in as extra wives it makes sense to me.

In the US when this presented to me it just always comes across like “free love” and you “can’t love just one person, it’s not natural” is the only way people explain it. Then they are not engaging in having one extra partner they have many multiple partners and are married and in some cases have children. I personally don’t understand the point feeling that a marriage is about building a life to enjoy together and if your free time from work or kids is out screwing around of building another relationships then why be married? Marriage is a 24/365 jobs and one that doesn’t need extra employees hanging around the office. This mentality may sound closed but for your married and even single people consider having an argument with your mate on a personal matter with an audience, that’s how I view it. The other thing I consider is the STD pool if you are in a committed exclusive marriage then you know that hey my husband is with me and I am with him, but if each one of you have a partner outside and that partner has a wife and a partner and then their wife has a partner…….. I think you see my point there is no way to guarantee everyone is being safe so you run the risk of contaminating the whole the group.



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