Hall Pass

Posted: November 10, 2015 in cheater, Married
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So you may be wondering what the hell a Hall Pass is exactly. A Hall Pass is when a woman and in some cases a man allows  their significant other a period of time in which they can go have sex with or engage in adult activities with another without consequence and outside your relationship. That’s the rough definition anyway. recently a lot of noise has been made about the celebrity Toya Wright and her decision to give her husband a hall pass.

Historically the reason a hall pass existed was because there is a belief a man works hard, supports a family, and may need to be rewarded. Al-throughout history men have openly cheated and woman have quietly cheated. Where a lot of people who are the “victim” of a cheater get angry is the lack of knowledge and the betrayal in the communication of the other party. If you go back as far as King Henry VIII he routinely started up with the next soon to be wife before leaving the current wife. Some woman I have talked to who have given their man a hall pass has said that they felt they were having too much sex, they felt their partner was bored with the sex, they wanted to add spice to the relationship, and lastly teaching him the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

A hall pass can happen if someone is being cheated on and decided that they would rather grant the request as opposed to have it happen behind their back most f them will tell you this decision is made with love i.e. if i let them have this I will have a better partner because it won’t be a problem or a focus. I personally worry knowing what i know about sex and how it can captivate a person or they can fall prey to the physical and end up turning a one time sanctioned opportunity into 20 times unsanctioned and then it becomes a problem. There was one lady I talked to who told me she sanctioned one because she was cheating on her husband and wanted to “even the scale or clear her guilt.”

It is my belief that you have to either have a weak relationship or a diamond titanium ironclad relationship to do this because you are running a risk of not being with this person as much or anymore, losing time because they have become attached after one encounter, and then the one encounter is not enough. I feel with a hall pass it can leave the other party to feel like they are not enough and in my opinion if I am not enough then leave me altogether. I don;t want to share, i shouldn’t have to, i shouldn’t have to do all the work in maintaining my partner and her life  on all levels and another person can show up and touch her soul,, insides, and everything  like that. Nah thats not for me.

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