Double Standards

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Guest Bloggers
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I hope you took a moment to read that because it is what inspired my post. This post was made on a friend of a friends facebook page. It got me thinking after I read it. I thought back to every girl in my 20’s who dissed me and treat me like crap because I was raised a decent young man by my mother. I recently had a conversation with a young lady who told me all a woman needs is to feel loved, secure, and protected. I know some of those have break down and sub categories and all that I am well aware.

After reading the above post, I was confronted with reflecting on my past and looking at some on tv. There was a tv show I was watching where the man was providing all of those things and the woman still cheated… her reason she felt “lonely”. Now that reason in her mind was supposed to make it okay, she explained it that he was working a bunch of hours and she was lonely…. Now let me get this straight s I can understand. The man was supposed to protect you and make you feel secure and spend all day everyday with you? So how do you eat? how do you live in the nice house? How do you drive the nice car? A woman will say she doesn’t need it, yet point out al the people wh have one and how nice it is and would be to have….


Now lets flip this on its side and look at it from the other side if this was a man and he did it, there would be panty protesters in the street dam near rioting because  he doesn’t respect her and who she is in his life etc. IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP AND CHEATED ON. No matter man or woman it is selfish Why aren’t there as many groups keeping it real. She really wants to have her cake and eat it too and she will sleep with a dude in her husband’s bed and let him sleep in the sweaty sheets.


I feel there is a disproportionate need of what is required for each sex to bring to a relationship. A man has  to make a woman smile, laugh, feel secure, etc and all she has to do is show up and look pretty. He has to maintain everything he does for real fear of being replaced and she can coast and if he complains its sexist and he doesn’t understand.

I was listening to a podcast earlier in the week where woman bragged bout getting over on a guy and how hard she fought to be right, she didn’t even want to concede once she got caught doing the selfish act. She wanted to fight to be right and as a man we can’t call them on it. This double standards……..

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