All Men are not Dogs (the truth about cheating)

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Relationship
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This posts I will admit was inspired by the social media craze of the wee the #wastinghistime2k16. There was so much laughter and it was so much of a game until the #wastinghertime2k16 one peeked out. When I talked to a few friends they told me it came from the idea that men could  do hat they wanted to do and leave a female high and dry and lead on. I understand but the problem is this society is so social media driven that this little game of hashtags will have them simple chicks thinking you can do this.

Let me start off by saying cheating is wrong, leading someone on is wrong, and being less than authentic and 100% in is wrong. This social media society has everyone feeling like they need to be wanted and need t be a celebrity and lauded by everyone. So this blog is about the people who don’t have that need the pretty regular guys. No guy just wakes up and checks out and cheats on his wife. From many of my friends and in conversation they tel me that the reason they considered cheating or did it started with communication and he lack of it. Communication was so important to those men, they felt like they were not being heard, understood or considered. They needed someone to talk to, to be emotional with, and to express their worries and their wives were not interested and often told them to suck it up. So after a while they all sough out just conversation and communication somewhere else and thats it. Through the ease of talking and lack of being able to talk to their partner a bond grew, then attraction started as they now sough to escape from where they were and then it happened.


All of them said they were wrong and felt bad but felt good at the time. They told me all they were seeking was to be heard and understood maybe a small stroke to the ego. Now some who are reading this may think I am blaming and I am not I am sharing their experience. The wives expressed they were angry because of something else not done and it caused them to be closed off and not care about his emotions. So both people end up being at fault he did something to start the process and she didn’t communicate how bad it hurt. It started in one area communication. So don;t waste anyones time, go be happy the first time out.

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