Real Men x Wrestling x The Truth

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Life
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“WRESTLING IS FAKE” I still see this all the time and think to myself…”The amount of energy he is putting behind telling us that is like telling a fat id he’s fat” Pretty much all of us know wrestling is fake but we still enjoy it so let us have that. We live in a society where someone else’s pleasure that has nothing to do with you is your business because they are experiencing something you are not. For most of us in our 30s we now wrestling is fake but we enjoy a good story, we always have, but back in the day these were the “mens men” these were the guys who were good vs evil and not cartoons real guys. For me I learned a lot of how to be a man because my dad was around bu he wasn’t around. I don’t recall many moments with my dad pre my 10th year, I now I had some but the one consistent thing i could tell you is none of those moments were with him sober, I sought to be influenced. Then I saw the video and understood or got an idea that perfect and perfection weren’t just words but a way of life.

Simple and scripted with bad acting, but if you have nothing else but this and gangster movies………. come on man.

Myself and my people wanted to learn how to be men, with no daddies and half time dads and these people taught us.

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