Logical X Sexual Assault

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have been reading a lot again about men getting charged with sexual offences. I think sexual abuse or assault are right at all. Here is the thing in most states the legal age of consent is 16 years old. Why does a man have to pay with years off his life for a crime that he didn’t know he committed?

Here is an example:

Tom is in a club for 18 and over because they check ID at the door and serve drinks, while there he meets Tina. Right now Tom automatically believes Tina is above age because they checked IDs at the door or it was their job to do that. He gets Tina’s number and they go out on a few dates s she is out and available at the same time he is, she mentioned she went to Dunkin College. They have sex upon dropping her off that night he finds out from hr parents shes in high school and they will be pressing charges. Where in here is he at fault? Society makes it seem like a sin to ask age.

If you want the clear facts here they are again

  1. Met in an 18 & over club
  2. She order drinks
  3. She was available during the same hours as him
  4. She told him  she went to a college
  5. She looks  like the age she said she was

To me Tom is not  sexual predator he didn’t sit outside a high school or train station near a school trying to get girl he new was in high school.

In my opinion a sexual predator is someone lurking in the bushes watc hing a kid, or following them in a van, someone who knows this kid is a kid or a teen and doesn’t care.


Logically what else could Tom do? Could he have asked for an ID? Probably but why should he it is proper to assume a place that checks IDs would have checked hers and not let her in if she was below age. IF she lied to him then what else could he do? What markers are in place to help self guard the men in situations like this? Especially if she wasn’t preyed  upon?

There are so many men in jail with their records blemished because f situations like this, and thats sad. What society fails to realize is that all it takes is an accusation, true or not of rape or sexual assault and a mans reputation, job, family, and everyone turns on him. The reaction is so immediate no one even considers innocent or guilt so now he pays before hes guilty and if he is he pays 2x. No one ever offers an apology or makes a point to fix his name in public it is dropped. The act as if there are no such thing as teenage predators ever heard of a movie called the Crush with Alicia Silverstone? or The Long Island Lolita? In most cases the men are believed to be the aggressor until you catch the woman red handed, blood, knife, video taped, holding a sign with her name and her crimes, How can we be a nation of equal opportunity and 2nd chances when we have situations like this that effectively end a mans life?

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