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I love women and I feel they should have equal rights for sure, at the same time I think this mess about men and woman being the same needs to be dropped. A friend of mine Chi Chi said it best “women are meant to be help mates.” Now  some of you silly people will argue it sounds like servitude, blah blah blah. I don’t believe that’s what I means, i believes i means that as a man is here to balance a woman, so should she balance him. I thin where people get lost is that they can’t balance both sides of the coin being independent and being a part of a team. With that said women don’t want equality in everything but consequences and punishment. To get a woman charged on certain crimes, she literally has to be caught in the act, with a video tape, blood, a signed confession, and a history and still she could go on the stand a cry and say she was beaten or batter with no evidence to support that and get less time then a man  who was held captive for 20 years and killed his captor. Our courts and police don;t believe a man can be abused or raped, courts don;t believe a man can be beaten or be a victim of any kind by a woman. Men have been convicted and in jail for rape on little to no evidence, think it never happens? You got 20 mins?


She is being accused of they convicted him on zero evidence AGAINST HIM. she is gonna get maybe a year he was on the hook for 20 and served 4 years. A lot of women think this is okay, I don’t believe its okay, not only for him but the thousands of women who have a hard time being believed for their real rapes.Her lawyer ask for mercy and understanding. WHY? dudes name been dragged through the mud and will forever be linked with rape, her friends sat in court knowing some of the evidence was a lie and still was okay with it. She gets n the sand, tells her story, cries acts like she didn’t know what to do and she gets less time. Let me tell you something a court case doesn’t take a day, just to get to trail it may take a year, gathering evidence, interviews etc. there is time to change your mind and story. A man can’t cry on the stand and get sympathy. In the end, i think we are different and we needs to spend a lot more time appreciating, celebrating our differences and staying in our lanes as needed.

No one wants to give up on love, it is a hard thing to deal with honestly. I know personally I find myself trying to so hard to hold on. It is important to know what you are fighting for and who as well as if that person is fighting for you and finds that you are indeed worth it. Love is hard, you will find yourself making so many sacrifices that your head will spin. Sacrifices are one of the things we all find in life we have to make to make the entire situation work. Love is a complex emotion, it can sometimes push you to the bring of obsession and other times put you in a head space where nothing even matters. A few of my friends can contest to this as one i know for sure made his whole set of 3 years all about a girl and when she got tired and moved on it left him with little to no meaning for his time or day. Funny thing is men do that, no matter how busy we are we make our whole entire universe about a woman because we feel we need to do that, and they don’t do anything to tell us we don’t, funny thing how emotions are and life is all  in one shot. Giving up is not something that we should subscribe to, now I am not the person who should be speaking on another persons subscriptions as i have my own I am deeply indebted to, I just feel like giving up is a sign of weakness that I can’t tolerate or subscribe to as I chase forever.

I have been debating part of this list for a long time and while many aspects of this are still up for debate. I figure i would share what I have and maybe add more later.


Win – Win Strategy

Never use force unless absolutely necessary

Always appeal to other’s interest (see their side of the story, their point of view, and needs)

Don’t approach conversations at the wrong time

Don’t avoid important conversations, negotiations, or things might blow up.

Be willing to sacrifice, give something up.

Always bring something to the table. Do your [part. Offer knowledge, service, etc.

Know your rank, position, or station

Change your rank or position by being more valued by bringing things to the table, being useful, offering your expertise.

COMPROMISE! Win- Win situations everyone should walk away happy

Doing whatever you can to continue to be Epic and push yourself to the next level is as important as anything else in the world. So why not learn to be epic.



At age 16 your parents become  co-managers of your life

At age 21 they become consultants of your life

As a MANAGER in your life decide WHAT DO YOU WANT?

how do you want to be successful?

How do you want to live?

What will make you happy?

Once you make the decision go chase it..Chase your 3 months goals

If you need to then CRY as WELL

“never being satisfied is not a way to live”

There are some of us who feel we need to keep trucking along, keep pushing and that until we reach “the highest level” Nothing less is enough.

Here is the question I pose to you, if the mountain towards the “top” has no levels on it how do you know you reached the top? When is it the top?

How do you grow? If you plant seeds and know that they will grow then how do you know how high you can reach?

Don’t allow yourself to feel empty go after your goals and chase them and know when to take a beak and congratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back.

Loving yourself is very important. One has to take time to open their mind, experience the great things in life and  by doing that you learn to love yourself. Find yourself in those deep dark places and I promise it will be awesome.