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I have been watching a few shows over the past weekend and having a conversation with my cousin. I had been taking a moment to watch the show called “Divorced”. To me its another show glorying woman cheating. Their reasons seem to range of course but many shows show how women are making the option to cheat ok and how fun it is. I wonder where is the moment she regrets, stops and pauses before she engages? Yes I understand it is a tv show, but its hardly the first one. Men are shown to be careless, conquers and heartless. These woman who make these choices are characterized as prisoners who are breaking free and taking something for themselves. Does it happen like that? Sure but what abut the woman who has everything she claims she wants in life and this man that is sleeping next to her has worked to death with her to ensure she has it, now you’re bored and feel life is boring so its exciting to cheat… Makes no sense. What ever happened to sitting down with a person, trying to figure out how and where to go? These same women will sleep with him during the day putting their job in jeopardy, safety, etc and them come home and sleep with their husband… IS that not savagery? Probably not because we want to champion everything and no one wants to face a consequence for their actions. Men are dragging to their graves for the actions women are championed for ding. Seems not so right to me, but then again Maybe I am complaining or pointing out something unfair for the thousands of years women have been cheated and treated unfairly. So its turn about is fair play right?

Witness Greatness

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Emotional health
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title Peter Weir Witness DVD Review

I have a post I have been writing on for a few moments maybe I will get to finishing it and posting it. This post is a really cry. I want really want you guys to be great, inspirational, awesome, unique, beautiful, strange, daring, amazing, and most importantly yourself. See the gift to these things is being yourself to achieve them. I want you to take a moment and WITNESS the greatness inside yourself. A lot of the time we look in the mirror just to get ready to go somewhere we don’t look in an effort to see who we are, to see where we have come from, and to see the battle scars. The truth is we are afraid of the battle scars that exist. We are afraid to see ourselves in the bad shape. One day this week look in the mirror, look in the mirror for a long time, see your eyes, look deep into them. See your past, your current. Your eyes will tell all truths.

The truth is we are all afraid of looking into the eye of the person looking back at us. We are afraid of what our future self is telling. The message that is being sent is something we are trying to not pay too much attention to because in the end, we don’t want to hear the noise. You know how it is most of us don’t want the “labor pains just the baby”. Change and becoming better is a laboring process, it is one that starts with the  fact of recognizing change needs to happen, then narrowing down what needs to be changed, admitting, and then starting the process for change.

The process for change is a lot like grieving. there are steps that need to happen. You have to question if you’re willing to follow those steps and build up. If you are witness your greatness, witness your change, witness your build up. Greatness is always recognized, the realized and sometimes not in that order.

At age 16 your parents become  co-managers of your life

At age 21 they become consultants of your life

As a MANAGER in your life decide WHAT DO YOU WANT?

how do you want to be successful?

How do you want to live?

What will make you happy?

Once you make the decision go chase it..Chase your 3 months goals

If you need to then CRY as WELL

“never being satisfied is not a way to live”

There are some of us who feel we need to keep trucking along, keep pushing and that until we reach “the highest level” Nothing less is enough.

Here is the question I pose to you, if the mountain towards the “top” has no levels on it how do you know you reached the top? When is it the top?

How do you grow? If you plant seeds and know that they will grow then how do you know how high you can reach?

Don’t allow yourself to feel empty go after your goals and chase them and know when to take a beak and congratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back.

The road less traveled is the that most people who know what they are doing travel.. Which path are you traveling? Ask yourself…

The interesting thing I didn’t mention in that previous post is the fact that sometimes it is important to know even after the apology and you do everything right there is still a chance a person can walk away. In a relationship be it friend, family or significant other it is always more complicated than that as emotions, children, and family politics are usually attached one way or another. You have to be careful to judge each and every situation on their own merit and circumstance.  Sometimes you have to handle things one by one, look at the facts, and make an informed decision that will best suit your needs in the end. People will disappoint you that is a TRUTH you can’t deny.  The best thing you can do is surround yourself with the best possible people and hope for the best out of every situation.  Those you keep around you, require them to be honest with you and ensure you’ll give them fair consideration. Be open enough to release yourself from blame and don’t ever be afraid of “picking up your ball and go home.”

To do that the best way  is to be honest with your current feelings, your displeasure, your current reservations, and you inability to receive them in a clean and clear manner, and make it clear that it is because of their actions you are having this complication and then tell them what your results are after that and ask them to respect it. Even if you have confusion ask them to give you time to come to terms. Then proceed to chase happiness. GOOD LUCK



So today I got into a good discussion with my friend of many years about “self-help relationship books”  The one she mentioned was the famous book turned into a movies recently.  The author of that book is a famous comedian, has been married multiple times, and seems to be a generally nice guy. I am sure he would agree with me when I say that these books like his and others should be used as nothing more than guides. While I am sure he brings a lot of truths, a lot of innovative thoughts, and interesting perspective in the book especially what I’ve read up to this point there is no way to simple break down a person into one of two categories. Furthermore if your relationship is that generic then what  does that say about you as a woman and you decision making? Think Im picking on you huh?? well how can someone that never has met you, lives probably 700 miles away be able t sum up your relationship in a book especially if he doesn’t even know what happened in the relationship? Like i said if he can then what does that say about you and your decision making ability? Then again maybe I know nothing and I’m a hater….isn’t that what you’re thinking? I’ll leave you with one last thought if you took another book like say the bible word for word you’ll be sawing your kid in half and in prison one its done……..