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I have been watching a few shows over the past weekend and having a conversation with my cousin. I had been taking a moment to watch the show called “Divorced”. To me its another show glorying woman cheating. Their reasons seem to range of course but many shows show how women are making the option to cheat ok and how fun it is. I wonder where is the moment she regrets, stops and pauses before she engages? Yes I understand it is a tv show, but its hardly the first one. Men are shown to be careless, conquers and heartless. These woman who make these choices are characterized as prisoners who are breaking free and taking something for themselves. Does it happen like that? Sure but what abut the woman who has everything she claims she wants in life and this man that is sleeping next to her has worked to death with her to ensure she has it, now you’re bored and feel life is boring so its exciting to cheat… Makes no sense. What ever happened to sitting down with a person, trying to figure out how and where to go? These same women will sleep with him during the day putting their job in jeopardy, safety, etc and them come home and sleep with their husband… IS that not savagery? Probably not because we want to champion everything and no one wants to face a consequence for their actions. Men are dragging to their graves for the actions women are championed for ding. Seems not so right to me, but then again Maybe I am complaining or pointing out something unfair for the thousands of years women have been cheated and treated unfairly. So its turn about is fair play right?

Be Black

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Its hard to be human when human not respected
hunger and fear is projected.
my dear, dearly departed
this americas most been started.
I wish we would end it
upend it
split it
But still it is, steel as a rod
our resolve
Always the high road
pulled over on the curb
we spend hours trying to learn
how to make the tide turn
Before in our back the bullets burn
like salted tears over fresh flesh wounds
We rose to quick to die so soon
400 years is not that long ago
But maybe we still stuck in our 4 score
Where being property made us worth so much more
not sure, hands up, feet flat on the floor, chin up chest out
Be proud of your power, because in your power i have no doubt.

This post was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine. If I am remembering the conversation correctly he was touching on a specific subject which is woman. A few of my friends have had this problem recently, where woman have sent them unsolicited explicit pictures. sidenote: no man will turn down great explicit pictures…..

Before I even finish where the conversation when I will say this, I believe that all woman want to be loved, cherished, and treated with a level of respect and dignity. All woman want to be lusted after, ravaged, and hungered for by a guy they love and for some woman all guys. everyone woman teases as well, it is apart of the flirting game. In this day and age tease has taken on a whole new meaning. Back in the day teasing used to be a smile, a wink, a blow of a kiss, and for the brave woman she would come close and whisper something racy in your ear. As a teenager most girls flirted the same way but there were some who stroked my arms, hand, and maybe kissed me on the cheek and the brave ones would do a sexy dance or something like that. As technology has gotten better this generation a tease is full frontal, back, side, and whatever else nudity via pictures & video.

This brings me back to my original point. Teasing is cool, it happens but when you’re sending explicit pictures and talking up your sexual prowess and what you “can do better than……” What do you expect a guy is expecting when you come to his personal residence? Do you expect him to be willing to sit and play monopoly each and every visit? If you don;t have an intention to sleep with the guy ever then why send pictures like that? Why tease and entice a guy if you arn’t going to sleep with him? I understand attention but a guy will give you attention with a smile, with a nice headshot picture, with a pleasant picture trust me he will. Ladies know this if you’re sending a guy a picture of everything you have, all your goodies, then you coming to his house or he coming to yours. What is the point? Whats the end result? Mind you I am not saying sleep with him firs time out the box or anything but slay the sexual talk because if the sexual wasn’t introduced then they guy wouldn’t have it at the forefront or press on it hard. Most guys are cool and willing to build up to it.

That leads us back t the title, a guy feel like he’s being fucked over if he is getting teased and riled all up only for the chick to come over and chill and do nothing. Not even a kiss.


So I ask again whats the point?

I was asked about it so I thought I would speak on it what can I say. But for all you people that love juicing and health and all that I have some special coming and a special guest.

Live Happily

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In one way or another we all have allowed happiness to be our motivation to do certain things. Happiness is an important motivator because through happiness other things can be achieved.  Take moments to find happiness, enjoy, and be at peace.

I wanted you guys to check out something that will help with releasing stress.




I encourage you guys too search and work towards forward progress, each and everyday in everyday you can, and when it feels like you can’t move fast enough then put your head down and keep going forward.