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Be Black

Posted: July 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Its hard to be human when human not respected
hunger and fear is projected.
my dear, dearly departed
this americas most been started.
I wish we would end it
upend it
split it
But still it is, steel as a rod
our resolve
Always the high road
pulled over on the curb
we spend hours trying to learn
how to make the tide turn
Before in our back the bullets burn
like salted tears over fresh flesh wounds
We rose to quick to die so soon
400 years is not that long ago
But maybe we still stuck in our 4 score
Where being property made us worth so much more
not sure, hands up, feet flat on the floor, chin up chest out
Be proud of your power, because in your power i have no doubt.

Inspired by helenvalentina‘s post —–>

I decided to finally flesh ou this poem idea and share it what the hell lol


Henry’s Holy Grail


Less me remind you

Fair Anne

I waited for you seven years

Told my first wife we were through

We sexed in that span

I drank from the river of life

You birthed me a princess

Lost me a prince, disaster of a wife

Both of them blessed

This Tudor dynasty

One built on the blood of other dynasties

As I will spill some after you

Wives who were untrue

I need you to know my owe true love

Is Lady Jane

I’m a king so mistresses are part of the game

Death for your political crimes against the crown too many to name

I drink wine from the blood of other kings

I’m a warrior of warrior nobody running with my teams

I send my spies out to gather intel

While peasants love swell

For their great Tudor king

As my life reaches its final resting place

Next to my one true love

Lady Jane

They reserved my space

Until I return above, I’m now on a different plane

I have a punch of new posts I am working on but I decided to share a poem I just completed. I hope you guys enjoy this as always a labor of love.


Recovery Completion

My script is a prescription

For my addiction

To you

Relapsed a few times in recovery

Now Im through

No cards, kisses, and pussy is good enough

I got my coin to keep me company

Tells me I can do me without you

Doesn’t mean that love isn’t there

So is the hurt

I’ve been burnt

Dealt and return

You had in circles like the world turn

Its cool, I don’t forgive, dam sure don’t forget

All the time, energy, emotion, power, and money spent

For you to diss, dismiss, and turn your lie on me

I got you, I set myself free

Ready to return, after my days of cleansing

Rehabbing  the heart and mind, spoon bending

Oh, I was mending

A heart shattered into more piece than I knew what to do

Begging for help you couldn’t offer a clue

Love? Where’s the love you want me to see?

You dam sure don’t desire me

If you did, you would have been sick as a dog

Ultimately how it turns your flesh would burn

Not so much you enjoyed that touch

We’re “okay” being in front of me

You love me so much?

Now we’ll see

Right now time for me to flee

On a journey to make me happy

Crisis of Faith

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Poetry
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Crisis of faith

Can’t tell you how long
How many times faith has been tested
The good and bad never been bested
My beads break in my hand
As I counted the digits
Felt their curves
They splinter with my frustration
In those moments Im floating on a cloud
Trying to capture thunder
To relight my dark corridors
The darkness and light battle
Hard, long, fierce
To control the source of limitlessness
I’m a diamond in the rough
A injured demi god on the mend
But my crisis of faith
Troubles Asgard
My human side produces this crisis
To believe and continue
To know and to change course
Its easy to change course
Go the other way
Break heads and balls
Forsake all I know
All responsibilities and just
Do what’s “wrong”
Don’t believe in consequences
Put no stock in the payment
Take my captured lightening
My strengths from the Gods
And end all questions
Share no answers
Just act