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I had given this some thought, I  think it is horrible what happened to those women in Hollywood and all over the place that have been assaulted. They deserve to have some measure of justice for the crimes that have been committed against them.


I take issues with convicting people before hey are proven guilty. I take issues with people’s entire life being destroyed off an accusation. I find i perfectly reasonable that here could be some false stories out there with the idea to make some of these men look bad. he fact we are asking questions, something simple like date and time to prove these people where in the same city when the even was purported to take place, it an assault on the criminal justice system. They want justice but don’t want to be asked any questions that would help an investigator? Its weird to me.

I want justice and then I want a pathway to recovery. I want to know how we fix this, how do we make the process smoother, how do we go through he proper channels of justice and redemption. So many people are being forced out of their jobs because of this, what about their family and their ability to support them? The family of the accusers are innocent victims as well. The people who took money to be silent are they not just as guilty as the one being accused? they had enough evidence or of a story this person was scared enough to pay then yet they took the payoff and remained silent.

I have been told that if more women were put in power we wouldn’t have this issue, I would disagree. Teaching is a profession that is usually under paid but puts women in an authority and they have abused that authority and in so many cases sexually abused boys.  Hell I would assume there are so many men who have been inappropriately touched or harassed in hollywood who are ashamed . We don’t believe as a society this can happen to men. When a few men came out in this scandal, women responded he lied he liked it. As a man you can stop this….  Where is the compassion? where is the understanding? In my city alone I saw at least 10 women on the sex offenders list, most of their crimes were against people half their age, could you imagine the burden of prof unless they admitted to the crime. I guess I am looking for solutions, fairness, understanding and a real conversation, i am so sympathetic, but we need at minimum a checks and balance system and at maximum a way forward.

Be Black

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Its hard to be human when human not respected
hunger and fear is projected.
my dear, dearly departed
this americas most been started.
I wish we would end it
upend it
split it
But still it is, steel as a rod
our resolve
Always the high road
pulled over on the curb
we spend hours trying to learn
how to make the tide turn
Before in our back the bullets burn
like salted tears over fresh flesh wounds
We rose to quick to die so soon
400 years is not that long ago
But maybe we still stuck in our 4 score
Where being property made us worth so much more
not sure, hands up, feet flat on the floor, chin up chest out
Be proud of your power, because in your power i have no doubt.

 I want to start his post to say I LOVE WOMAN I mean I really love everything about woman, their strength, wisdom, nurturing nature, power, etc. Alot of time us guys don;t appreciate or show our appreciation as much as we should I will stand with that.

Now with that out the way some of the logic, decisions, and justification for them  leaves a lot to be desired. In fact some of the movements are terroristic in nature. Here is the definition of  it A terroristic threat is when a person threatens to commit any crime of violence against another person with the intent to terrorize. Because this is a speech based crime, it can often be difficult to determine if a person’s actions constitute a criminal offense. Now I don’t believe the intent is to be that way, I believe ladies are sharing their feelings abut situations and  it gets continuous and out of hand.  I came to this point when  was having a couple of conversations earlier and I listened to two woman justify emasculating men and then cheating on him and getting mad when he either forced them to stand tall in the mess in one case of cheated himself in the other case.

Let me tell you a secret maybe no other men will mention but ladies run the world!!! Once a man lets you into his heart you can pretty much convince him to do anything. Thats love!!

Men give women their emotional engine and expect them to protect it as fiercely as they do their own. Telling him he isn’t man enough, your ex did etc better, he could be better if… IS EMASCULATING!! You think not? Well answer me this how is telling him what he isn’t, what you ex is and ho he would have done it helping the situation? Now imagine back when you were a little lady and the cute boy you were making dough eyes at picked you friend with more chest, butt, and personality. How would you feel? OR if now in your relationship he responding to something you did or try to do with m ex would have gotten it right, or she did it better, etc. Get my point?

So back to the convo these ladies recognized they emasculated their men, then blamed him for being emasculated and decided it was better to go “feel good” for two hours and come back ready to deal with what she did then just deal with it. Thats insane to me… They had 100 reasons why it made sense. If a man presented that same case he would be a savage and wouldn’t know how to treat woman. Oh he would be an animal. Not them, not the woman she had a right to feel good. To me that feels like a reward for being an ASS and disrespectful of yourself and your relationship. It also appears to me she quit, she tears him down then quits and she seems a future bu muddied his present as well as hers and doesn’t ant to face it. I could be wrong and I could be missing something or not seeing something and if I am I stand it fully. But from their conversation I would think they want a strong man and a man who will and can do whatever for them but maybe they had been hurt. One lady said she wanted to share how she felt t him but couldn’t. HELLO there are ways to share a concern without being hurtful or example;

Money convo

her: babe, i am concerned we aren’t bringing in enough money to get to our financial goals. I know I said I would contribute half but i really feel like you should be giving more because reason 1, reason 2, reason 3. Do you think its possible?

Sex Convo

Her: Hey babe I need t have a conversation with you, Im embarrassed and its pretty difficult for me to have.  I am not being full filled as much as I would like in the bedroom and this is what i think is happening. Are you open and willing to try a few things? What can we come up with together to help? Do u have any ideas?

Other female convo

Her: Hey babe I see all these woman coming on to you and leaving messages under your pictures some of them are pretty graphic and I find it disrespectful to us and our relationship…….You get the idea

Now many women will say they have tried, but what about your tone? Here is where these ladies got crazy thinking i was asking them to be a punk.. When in reality I as asking them to be strong enough to control and constrain themselves. I have never liked being yelled at, i typically tuned most people out when they start to yell. I just felt I was a rational enough human being that I didn’t need to be yelled at by another person. Talk to me civilized or I will tune you out. My mother didn’t yell at me I am not going to have another grown person yell at me. Yelling makes people feel instantly at defense and like they are being attacked no talked with or to and in a relationship thats whats needed.

Consider these and they may help your relationship.



I hope you took a moment to read that because it is what inspired my post. This post was made on a friend of a friends facebook page. It got me thinking after I read it. I thought back to every girl in my 20’s who dissed me and treat me like crap because I was raised a decent young man by my mother. I recently had a conversation with a young lady who told me all a woman needs is to feel loved, secure, and protected. I know some of those have break down and sub categories and all that I am well aware.

After reading the above post, I was confronted with reflecting on my past and looking at some on tv. There was a tv show I was watching where the man was providing all of those things and the woman still cheated… her reason she felt “lonely”. Now that reason in her mind was supposed to make it okay, she explained it that he was working a bunch of hours and she was lonely…. Now let me get this straight s I can understand. The man was supposed to protect you and make you feel secure and spend all day everyday with you? So how do you eat? how do you live in the nice house? How do you drive the nice car? A woman will say she doesn’t need it, yet point out al the people wh have one and how nice it is and would be to have….


Now lets flip this on its side and look at it from the other side if this was a man and he did it, there would be panty protesters in the street dam near rioting because  he doesn’t respect her and who she is in his life etc. IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP AND CHEATED ON. No matter man or woman it is selfish Why aren’t there as many groups keeping it real. She really wants to have her cake and eat it too and she will sleep with a dude in her husband’s bed and let him sleep in the sweaty sheets.


I feel there is a disproportionate need of what is required for each sex to bring to a relationship. A man has  to make a woman smile, laugh, feel secure, etc and all she has to do is show up and look pretty. He has to maintain everything he does for real fear of being replaced and she can coast and if he complains its sexist and he doesn’t understand.

I was listening to a podcast earlier in the week where woman bragged bout getting over on a guy and how hard she fought to be right, she didn’t even want to concede once she got caught doing the selfish act. She wanted to fight to be right and as a man we can’t call them on it. This double standards……..

Sometimes in life you have to take a moment and find what means something to you. When you find it, it inspires an emotion from you. its time to reach down, deep into your core and find that thing. Use it to make you want to be dominate in everything you do. Dominate is priceless.

Open your mind to your own level of awesomeness. You have to prepare yourself if you’re even good about it.

Let me tell you something about goals. Goals are the single most self appreciating thing you can do for yourself. When you set things on the list and check them off as you go along then you know and can feel proud of yourself for doing something amazing. last night something i had considered for next years goal list became available and i hopped on it.  So I encourage you to see the goals, feel the goals, then chase the goals.