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I love women and I feel they should have equal rights for sure, at the same time I think this mess about men and woman being the same needs to be dropped. A friend of mine Chi Chi said it best “women are meant to be help mates.” Now  some of you silly people will argue it sounds like servitude, blah blah blah. I don’t believe that’s what I means, i believes i means that as a man is here to balance a woman, so should she balance him. I thin where people get lost is that they can’t balance both sides of the coin being independent and being a part of a team. With that said women don’t want equality in everything but consequences and punishment. To get a woman charged on certain crimes, she literally has to be caught in the act, with a video tape, blood, a signed confession, and a history and still she could go on the stand a cry and say she was beaten or batter with no evidence to support that and get less time then a man  who was held captive for 20 years and killed his captor. Our courts and police don;t believe a man can be abused or raped, courts don;t believe a man can be beaten or be a victim of any kind by a woman. Men have been convicted and in jail for rape on little to no evidence, think it never happens? You got 20 mins?


She is being accused of they convicted him on zero evidence AGAINST HIM. she is gonna get maybe a year he was on the hook for 20 and served 4 years. A lot of women think this is okay, I don’t believe its okay, not only for him but the thousands of women who have a hard time being believed for their real rapes.Her lawyer ask for mercy and understanding. WHY? dudes name been dragged through the mud and will forever be linked with rape, her friends sat in court knowing some of the evidence was a lie and still was okay with it. She gets n the sand, tells her story, cries acts like she didn’t know what to do and she gets less time. Let me tell you something a court case doesn’t take a day, just to get to trail it may take a year, gathering evidence, interviews etc. there is time to change your mind and story. A man can’t cry on the stand and get sympathy. In the end, i think we are different and we needs to spend a lot more time appreciating, celebrating our differences and staying in our lanes as needed.

At times I swear I am my own worst enemy as I have a tendency to ask too many dam questions.. I ask them because I want to know and I seek information. One of the questions is about the recent murder of a young lady of 29 years mother of 2 and the person alleged to kill her a 41 yr old man. Check it out here

I will speak their names her name is Janese Talton-Jackson, 29, of Penn Hills nd his name is Charles McKinney, 41, of Penn Hills. It is alleged that he killed her after she turned him down in a  bar a bit before. If that happened that way it is just sad a woman reserves the right to say no to man and his advances.


Here is where i get in trouble same trouble when I ask passionate people about rape, Ray Rice, Bill Cosby, and Charlie Sheen.

1.) What was a mother of 2 doing out in a bar at 1:30am? Isn’t that something you leave in the past once you have kids? (there is nothing wrong with going out and hanging out but you have kids to tend to or recover from.)

2.) How did she turn him down? did she just say “hey no thank you…” or did she seek to embarrass him or did she throw a drink in his face, put hands on him, lead him on or assault him? ( mind you I am saying any of these movements give him the right to kill her at all, just trying to understand what happened and how)

If I was a police officer and investigating I would ask these two questions, asking these questions from the passionate perspective is victim blaming and I am not victim blaming, I am merely trying to see the sate of mind of people and what was going on. If a woman tossed a drink on a man or put her hands on a man without him putting his hands on here that is assault in its truest form. Alot of the time it isn’t charged because we as a society always feel that its a mans fault period.

I have been sitting on this post for a little bit because I was never sure if I wanted to release it or not. I know for a fact people are easily offended especially if you question them and don’t agree off the top. I will start this post off by saying I BELIEVE RAPE IS WRONG AND THOSE PROVEN TO BE GUILTY SHOULD PAY FOR IT!!

What I will tell you about me is that I am a questioning person because I was taught before you form a complete opinion understand first and I will admit in my search for answers I have turned many people off because I try and look at as many sides as it takes to make sense. I believe rape is one of the most over reported crimes in the United States of America and its a shame because there are some woman who are really getting hurt, taken advantage of, and mistreated.

The reason why I believe this is happening is because when a woman accesses a man of rape the world stops for that man and his world is crushed even before he is proven guilty. The stench of being an accused rapist follows that man forever and people react before even getting all the facts and then to add insult to injury usually if the case is proven to be false the woman is not charged and if she is it’s a slap on the wrist. To add more insult to injury he reason these woman will sell out a man is to protect themselves from a small lie at most. You probably sitting there reading this and getting emotionally riled up but if you don’t believe me go to your search engine and type in the name Danmell Ndonye if you don;t feel like doing the work click here and here read about what she did to 5 men and what they went through all because she didn’t want to seem easy. Here is a video from a very old story but a dude was in jail for 4 years before the woman stood up he faced 20-25 years in prison and didn’t even touch the woman, not only her but her friends who left some of her wounds as they were in a fight sat and watched him go to prison and said nothing.

Now you maybe sitting there wondering what does this have to do will Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen??? Let me lay it out for you Dr Bill Cosby is 78 years old and being accused of sexually assaulting over 50 woman I wasn’t there so I don;t now if he did it or not.. I now there is a fact out there he attained a drug with the intention of giving it to woman that’s public record. I now there is women he paid, I now there is women who accepted room board, college tuition from him. I now at least some of these woman probably went to his hotel room. So now I ask you to be open and non emotional just logical with me for a beat Dr Cosby on many of occasions in his stand up has mentioned his wife and his married life, he is always out with his wife so what respectable woman will agree to go to a hotel room of a married man? especially a married man of his profile in the wild wild west that Hollywood was back in the day? Some of these accusation was in a time where auditions were held in hot tubs and actresses were open advertising sex for roles. Now this is not an invitation for rape but doesn’t it raise a few questions. here are my initial questions


Is Hollywood that far gone that if this has been going on over 20-30 years no one says anything… NO ONE?

If he raped you would you live in a place he paid for? would you continue to allow him access to you, and even come to him?

IF it wasn’t about the money would you accept a settlement as  opposed to press on in this multiple outlet media hungry place we are in to get your voice heard?

Now I asked maybe 5 or 6 questions and its really the start and the base level questions. Outside of that Dr  Cosby has been punished by media, by Hollywood, by The US states and by colleges. The media has dragged him through the mud, Hollywood has stopped airing any and every show that has his name associated with it even though there are other people on the show that need to eat as well and they eat through syndication, The united States has been looking for a way to revoke every thing the ever honored him with like all his sacrifice and everything he gave back was a lie, and the many colleges that  gave him honorary doctorate degrees has been revoking them or taking them back none of them have talked about giving his donated money back but it isn’t about that I guess. Here is the truth I would have no problem with any of this If he was charged  went to trial and proven to be guilty of charges with in the law like a normal citizen of the United States. None of that has happened yet.


I turn my attention to Charlie Sheen who went onto National TV and admitted to having sex with woman unprotected knowing he had HIV. Umm isn’t that premeditated murder or attempted murder at least? This dude admitted it live on TV his shows are still in syndication on major networks, streaming, and he is still being advertised all over the place. Mind you with his past he brought this on himself.

So Is this right? is this where we live in our society?

Again I just ask questions because I seek to understand, I am not victim blaming, or trying to take attention away from anyone.