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First off two thing, Rest in peace to this man and peace to his family. Second thing I am going to point something out and it may offend the people who are “black & white” type who don’t believe in greys.

Alton Sterling was murdered by the Baton Rouge police department on July 5,2016. There are multiple videos al over the net that I just don;t want to show you guys but I just need you to know some of the facts.

  • Police were called by an anonymous person saying “a man was at the store selling cds and he had a gun”
  • 2 Police officers arrive and proceed to attempt to arrest said man, even tasering him
  • Police officers wrestle him to the ground one on his back and one on the head area
  • Police find said gun and he is fired upon with shots into his chest and back.

Those are the facts about the case pretty much. Now CNN & Fox probably won’t post a picture of him because they don;t have a jail booking photo s they love to do to all the black people who have been murdered by the cops.

Now to offer you some contrast I will share this video with you as it relates to how far the police are williing to go to not kill someone of a different race.

Just to offer a bit of perspective.

Here comes the grey area

What CNN  & Fox News will tell you is that in 2000 he was locked up for a crime 14:80 – Carnal knowledge of a juvenile 

That was his charge via the Baton rouge police department website you can heck that here and if you wan to see the break down of what that law really is you can click here. He was in prison for 4 years and no probation after the fact.  Now to give you  quick thought and idea of what this law really is it deals with people who maybe 18 or above having consensual sex with someone between the ages of 13-17 an when the age is 4 years or greater.

Why does this matter you may ask. to add more detail he was 21yrs old when he was sentenced. The crime could have taken place the year before when he was 20yrs old. Lets say he had sex with a girl who he thought was 18 or 20 like himself and she turned out to be 16. This would make sense for the small amount of time he got seeing he could have gotten 10 years easy. Now i wrote posts about this before. where all sexual related crimes are not equal. Sometimes you can be caught up and not even know its a juvenile because she/he is in a place that only adults are allowed. IF someone is in a 21 & older club you would assume they are 21 and older. Some people are so black & white on the subject they wouldn’t consider this and they would crucify a man for not getting a background check in  club. I am not saying its the womans fault or anything I am just saying this happens. In  cases like this the parents find out and are mortified so they want to bring charges, men cannot fight these charges really because there is nothing  I know of on the books to help them fight it. They take a plea for a lesser charge and go on with life. With the advancement of hormones in meat and what kids eat trust me you could be on a train going to wor and mistake a high school kid for a grown woman and if she tells you 25yrs old as her age……….

Side tracking sorry

So you may be wondering why all that I typed above matters? It doesn’t it was 12 yrs ago and he hasn’t been arrested since. Just like any other issue in the public eye involving black people they bring in the criminal record so I figured I would lay it out for you.

The real issue is this, there isn’t a reason on God’s green earth a man who was on the ground, subdued by police should have been killed, if he had a gun on him or not. Even if before he was advancing towards police officers at this point they cuff him even with leg shackles and take him in. This man is dead over CDs that even the store owner wasn’t complaining about. he called this man a friend. you can; tell me this is right. after seeing the double standards in the video above….

I have been reading a lot again about men getting charged with sexual offences. I think sexual abuse or assault are right at all. Here is the thing in most states the legal age of consent is 16 years old. Why does a man have to pay with years off his life for a crime that he didn’t know he committed?

Here is an example:

Tom is in a club for 18 and over because they check ID at the door and serve drinks, while there he meets Tina. Right now Tom automatically believes Tina is above age because they checked IDs at the door or it was their job to do that. He gets Tina’s number and they go out on a few dates s she is out and available at the same time he is, she mentioned she went to Dunkin College. They have sex upon dropping her off that night he finds out from hr parents shes in high school and they will be pressing charges. Where in here is he at fault? Society makes it seem like a sin to ask age.

If you want the clear facts here they are again

  1. Met in an 18 & over club
  2. She order drinks
  3. She was available during the same hours as him
  4. She told him  she went to a college
  5. She looks  like the age she said she was

To me Tom is not  sexual predator he didn’t sit outside a high school or train station near a school trying to get girl he new was in high school.

In my opinion a sexual predator is someone lurking in the bushes watc hing a kid, or following them in a van, someone who knows this kid is a kid or a teen and doesn’t care.


Logically what else could Tom do? Could he have asked for an ID? Probably but why should he it is proper to assume a place that checks IDs would have checked hers and not let her in if she was below age. IF she lied to him then what else could he do? What markers are in place to help self guard the men in situations like this? Especially if she wasn’t preyed  upon?

There are so many men in jail with their records blemished because f situations like this, and thats sad. What society fails to realize is that all it takes is an accusation, true or not of rape or sexual assault and a mans reputation, job, family, and everyone turns on him. The reaction is so immediate no one even considers innocent or guilt so now he pays before hes guilty and if he is he pays 2x. No one ever offers an apology or makes a point to fix his name in public it is dropped. The act as if there are no such thing as teenage predators ever heard of a movie called the Crush with Alicia Silverstone? or The Long Island Lolita? In most cases the men are believed to be the aggressor until you catch the woman red handed, blood, knife, video taped, holding a sign with her name and her crimes, How can we be a nation of equal opportunity and 2nd chances when we have situations like this that effectively end a mans life?